About Us

Welcome to ‘BOW BOWW TO MEOW MEOW’ – Hyderabad’s Premier Pet Paradise!

Established on October 31st, 2020, by the visionary pet enthusiast Santosh Nayak, ‘BOW BOWW TO MEOW MEOW’ (B2M) has quickly become one of the largest multi-level pet stores in Hyderabad. Santosh’s lifelong passion for pets and dedication to creating a haven for pet lovers culminated in the creation of a pet mall that caters to every aspect of a pet’s well-being.

Our Founder's Vision

Santosh Nayak, the brain behind B2M, envisioned a pet world where every pet lover could conveniently find their favorite companions and essential accessories all under one roof. “I always dreamed of building a pet world, where pet lovers could easily get their favorite pets and necessary accessories at one place. I hope that every person who visits the pet store feels the passion behind this venture,” he shares. Santosh has implemented various strategies to make B2M a success and envisions continuous growth in the future.


“BOW BOWW TO MEOW MEOW” (B2M) is on a mission to be the ultimate haven for pet lovers, offering a diverse range of premium products and services to pamper and care for pets. Our commitment is to provide a one-stop destination for pet parents seeking excellence in pet food, treats, toys, grooming, wellness care, and nutrition. With a passion for enhancing the lives of pets and their families, we strive to build lasting relationships and set new standards in the pet care industry.


Our vision at B2M is to be recognized as not just one of the largest multi-level pet stores in Hyderabad, but as a nationwide leader in pet care. Founded and driven by Santosh Nayak’s deep love for pets, we aim to create a pet world where enthusiasts easily find their favorite companions and essential accessories under one roof. We envision continued growth, expansion, and the establishment of a strong franchisee network across India, ensuring that the joy and care we bring to pets and their parents extend to every corner of the country.

The Pet Paradise

With four outlets strategically located in Moosapet, Kukattpally, Vivek Nagar, and Gachibowli, B2M has emerged as a comprehensive pet destination. The flagship store near Pillar No. 814, Kukattpally, is housed in a four-story building, each floor offering a unique and specialized range of products and services. B2M proudly stands as one of the biggest pet malls in South India, gaining popularity as a go-to destination for pet enthusiasts in Hyderabad.

Our Extensive Range

B2M boasts an extensive collection of imported and local pet products, including vegetarian and non-vegetarian pet food, toys, supplements, syrups, shampoos, accessories, personalized ID tags, and more. The store features various breeds of puppies with excellent pedigree and champion bloodlines, including adorable Huskies and Pit Bulls. For those interested in aquatic life, B2M offers Vastu fish, fish food, aquarium tanks, and accessories. Additionally, bird lovers can choose from exotic species like Macaws, Cockatoos, African Parrots, Lorikeets, Cockatiels, and more.

Exceptional Customer Relationships

B2M takes pride in fostering outstanding customer relationships. Our proactive customer support team regularly follows up with clients who have recently welcomed a new pet, ensuring their well-being and offering assistance or training as needed. These efforts have laid the foundation for long-term relationships built on trust and care.

Comprehensive Pet Care Services

Beyond retail, B2M provides a range of services, including a grooming station with an exclusive spa for dogs and cats, training programs, and pet boarding. The in-house pet clinic, staffed with a qualified veterinary doctor, oversees all health requirements of animals.

Convenience at Your Doorstep

Customers can experience the convenience of online shopping by placing orders on the B2M website, with home delivery services available across Telangana. Looking ahead, B2M aims to expand its footprint across India by establishing a robust franchisee network.

At ‘BOW BOWW TO MEOW MEOW,’ we believe in creating a holistic and joyful experience for both pets and their parents. Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to grow, innovate, and enrich the lives of pets and pet lovers alike!